Lucratif Street Donates to Fred Jordan Mission on Skid Row

December 31st, 2009 – Lucratif Street decided part of the new year’s resolutions would be to GIVE MORE. The first decision was that beginning Jan 2010, LS will be donating a portion of all its proceeds to a few select charitable organizations.

Starting 2010 on the right foot, LS made a large donation of new and used clothing and shoes to the Fred Jordan Missions in Los Angeles. For those of you who don’t know, the FJM of downtown LA house, support, clothe and uplift hundreds and thousands of homeless people in the heart of Skid Row. Below are a few pictures from the donation. Please check out the Fred Jordan Missions, as well as other great organizations in your area where you can donate and make a difference! After all, success is bread from the overflow – when you give, you will receive. Get Lucratif!

LS Donates at Fred Jordan Mission

LS Donates at Fred Jordan Mission

LS Donates at FJM

The car was completely packed! Trunk and errrthang! WHOA.

Tees & Sweaters Fresh Out The Box!

I think he was puttin the kicks away for himself! LOL

They were grateful for the donation - We were grateful to be able to do it! Give More in 2010!


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