Alfred Hsing x Lucratif Street

 WuShu Martial Arts Champ Alfred Hsing Gets Lucratif

Lucratif Street reaches all types of communities and we understand that everyone has their own way of being Lucratif.  Alfred Hsing is the 2009 World Wushu Championship Gold Medalist. Ranked #1 in US Wushu, on the National Wushu Team (Chinese martial arts) and is most popularly known as the Shaolin Expert on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior.  Alfred joined us for an action packed photo shoot  recently and here is a few of the pics.  This guys is nuts! Look him up –

Alfred Hsing x Lucratif Street


Alfred Hsing Gets Lucratif


Alfred showing off his WuShu skills

Upside Down Alfred. Pointing to the Hoodie. (Not sure HOW he does this....)

Alfred also does a lot of media. Here he is rockin a v-neck Lucratif Street tee working with Pacific Rim Video


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