Lucratif Goes To Hawaii!!

C. Lucratif (owner) took a trip just recently to the island of Oahu, Hawaii for fun…. and of course, business.  Business was handled throughout the island and trip with industry events and photo shoots with local talent.   We are proud to say, the first day we were in Hawaii, we shot with MTV America’s Best Dance Crew “Hype 5-0” (pictures will be up soon).  We also did a great shoot with photographer ‘Firebird Photo’ and models Richard Medina and Jesse Kru.  Last but definitely least, there were parties galore!  Everyone was very receptive and in awe of the haute Lucratif shades rocked by C. Lucratif and model Richard Medina while out on the town.   There’s so much to be said about Waikiki, and Hawaii as a whole, but let’s keep it short and sweet and get to the pictures… 

Get some in your closet..

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Getting Lucratif on the beach..



Guerilla Marketing in Waikiki? Uh.... no... that wasn't us. 0_o


Behind the scenes with Firebird Photo, Richard Medina, and Jesse Kru. Weather wasn't having it!


Jesse Kru rockin' Lucratif Shades at her industry mixer and fashion show


A Preview of a 2nd editorial shoot with Richard M., "The Cream Team" Shirt will be available soon!


Model R. Medina Gets Lucratif in the B&W shoot.


Yes. It was a good trip. Shout out to Hawaii. *waving the thumb and pinky like the locals*


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