MTV’s ABDC Season 5 Crew ‘Hype 5-0’ Gets Lucratif!

While in Hawaii, Lucratif got a chance to catch up with MTV ABDC Crew “Hype 5-0” for a photo shoot.   As number 3 seed for Season 5, these Hawaii natives are running this state and taking over the mainland.  Believe the Hype. And Get Lucratf.  O_x

Location: Broke down Old Sugar Mill

Photography By:  Kolohe Photo – [check them out!!]

See more of Hype 5-0 on Facebook & Twitter – Search: Hype 5-0

Hype 5-0 Rockin' Lucratif SnapBack Hats, Earrings, Necklaces & Tees!

Now That's Lucratif!

Believe The Hype!

AAAAHHHH!!!! ...Needless to say, this was a fun shoot!

Such an abundance of talent in this group! They definitely Get Lucratif!

End of the shoot!

This shoot was amazing work by everybody involved!  Make sure you stay updated on Hype 5-0!

The *NEW MERCH* they’re rocking (LA tee, Cream Team tee, and Fuscia Liz tee) will be available SOON at!! Get Lucratif.  Stay Lucratif.



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