Shock G (of Digital Underground) Gets Lucratif!

Hip Hop Legend Shock G of Digital Underground was spotted at the “Paris’ Night Out” theater and fashion event, getting Lucratif.  You know Shock G.. “the one who put the satin in your panties”, Lol.  He’s the mastermind behind Digital Underground.  For you younger generation, Tupac – yes Tupac – got his start with D.U. by dancing back up and getting featured on the song “I Get Around”.   Shock G, Mr. Humpty Dance, has made his mark on Hip Hop forever.  We at Lucratif are honored to say Shock G now has LS in the closet and rocks it proudly.  Check the photos below… and then go download “The Humpty Dance” on iTunes for hip hop nostalgia sake.  (Excuse the pic quality, dang cell phones.)

Shock G reppin the "LA" tee

Shock G and C. Lucratif at "Paris' Night Out"


If your still not convinced, google: “Digital Underground” and “Shock G”

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