Bobby Brackins x LUCRATIF

Mr. 143, better known as Bobby Brackins is now gettin’ Lucratif.  We had a chance to catch up with Bobby in downtown LA for a quick gifting of Lucratif gear.  BB was quick to tell us he was lovin’ the tees!  He has a lot of travel and big projects in development so be on the lookout for this guy! His single “143” featuring Ray J has topped radio charts across the country.  Bobby’s new single “I’m Ready” has been released on Los Angeles station Power 106 among others and is already racking up the plays.  Making good music, Bobby continues to Get Lucratif in his own respect.  Check the photo below of Bobby holding up the “Cream Team” tee and enjoy the music video for “143” if you haven’t seen it yet.  Request Bobby Brackin’s “143” and “I’m Ready” on your favorite radio stations today!

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Bobby Brackins x LUCRATIF

WATCH :: Bobby Brackins feat. Ray J “143” Official Music Video

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