A Lucratif Moment at Blvd 3.

On Friday, December 10th 2010, a very special fashion event was to take place at Blvd 3 in Hollywood.  “Meeting of the Minds” fashion show featuring numerous designers, including Lucratif, was scheduled and all the little ducks were getting lined up.  Unfortunately, Lucratif and the majority of other designers didn’t have a chance to hit the runway (due to some technical mishaps).  But, it’s alright.  We still had a great time and got some great photos!   Here’s a couple pics from the event.

Shout out to KS Consulting for putting together an amazing event,  all the designers, models, and All About Face (on hair and make up).  We are planning and plotting the next LUCRATIF events, so stay tuned!


Kimmy Kamish Gettin Lucratif back stage.

Models Vince & Kimmy




Thank you again to everyone involved in the show.   Looking forward to the next Lucratif event!

SHOP :: http://www.lucratifstreet.com

TWEET :: http://www.twitter.com/Lucratif1



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