2010. What a year, what a year.

Wow.  I believe 2010 was a changing year for us here at Lucratif.  The year brought so many opportunities, experiences, and people that have re-shaped the Lucratif brand.  We have now set new goals and are ready to take 2011 at light speed. Below are some photos to wrap up the year!  (We had to limit them, no way we could have stuffed the whole year in one post! Go back and read our previous posts for a full review… lol.)




Lucratif Sponsors ABDC Season 5 Crew "HEAVY IMPACT"

Dizzy D Flashy Rocks A Lucratif Snap-Back on BET's 106 & Park

On the set of the New Boyz video "Break My Bank"

Bobby Brackins Gets Lucratif

Lucratif photo shoot ABDC Crew "HYPE 5-0" in Hawaii!

Behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week "Shop Addicts" Show. Sept '10

Behind the scenes at LAFW Lucratif Fashion Show in Hollywood

RJ Walker (Lucratif Rep) photo shoot in OKC, OK.

Photo shoot in Tucson, AZ for Lucratif Lookbook

Lucratif Gets Carried in FOUR! Shop at 8016 Melrose Ave., LA, CA and Online At: http://www.fourla.com

2010 was a GREAT year and we can only eagerly imagine what 2011 has to bring.  We know it will be full of abundance, opportunities, great people, and the ability to grow to our full potential.   We wish the same for you.



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