Where is Hip-hop? ….IN LA.

United Virtuoso’s “Where is Hip-hop?” Vol. 2 Cypher event took place Saturday, February 12th.   The event hosted a MC battle that took hip-hop back to its roots.  Vendors, including Lucratif Clothing, gave the attendees something to reach in their pocket for.  It was a dope event ready for all hip-hop lovers to get back to where it started – the battle.   Dance Crew Jay Are Kay (JRK) opened the show and set the vibe with a hot set, big shout out to them for the SICK performance.  The battle came down to two MC’s Verbs and Adog.   Both had great flows but with different styles.  Judges (including Lady G, Billboard Chart Exec, Audio Push, Lasia Lynnai, and previous winner Bugsy Capri) had a tough decision to make.  Adog ended up on top, winning a spot in the next Red Bull MC Competition.  If you missed the show, don’t miss the next one.  Check out the pictures below (photos by C. Lucratif).


Special Thanks to:  United Virtuoso,  KS Consulting,  JoJo,  The U, and all the artists who participated in the show.






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