Jungle Boogie x Urban Street Jam x MVP San Jose …What A Weekend!

On Saturday March 5th a HUGE dance competition took place in Anaheim.  Urban Street Jam was amazing!  ABDC Crew Jungle Boogie was in town from Atlanta and took home 3rd place!  Regardless of faulty sound system and doing half the routine with NO music.  Major respect goes out to them for that.  The 2011 Lucratif Crew MVP San Jose performed and killt the stage with their presence.  The entire MVP San Jose Crew rocked Lucratif tees for their performance so you know they looked hot!  Lucratif Clothing also hosted a booth and there were tons of people getting the freshest new gear from tees, cardigans, “Fly” rosaries, and even the brand new custom Jungle Boogie x LUCRATIF tee!!


Sunday was another adventure in itself.   MVP San Jose was awarded tons of fresh Lucratif fear along with a photo shoot!  Photography Duo “Live To Inspire” took heed to this challenge and captured the crew perfectly Sunday mid-morning.   Later that evening at CF Dance Academy,  Krisuan Rosalejos (ABDC, AGT, MVP/VIP, Black Eyed Peas & More) taught the first class of the Lucratif x Jungle Boogie Workshop.  The last two classes were taught by Jungle Boogie and those dancers were worn out by the end of the night!  To all those who missed it…. you must see this video!

Check out some pictures from the events and as always…. GET LUCRATIF.


Lucratif x The Official 2011 Lucratif Crew! MVPSJ & Director Krisuan Rosalejos At Urban Street Jam 2011


The entire MVP San Jose Crew x LUCRATIF


Jungle Boogie Workshop at CF Dance Academy


Jungle Boogie Signs Autographs at CF Dance Academy


End of class pic with Jungle Boogie and CF Dance Academy!


The BRAND NEW Official Jungle Boogie L-U-C tee! Will be available online soon!


Thanks and stay tuned for more LUCRATIF EVENTS!







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