J*Davey’s new video “Whatchulookin@” #SoLUCRATIF

Unless you sleep under a rock… You may have heard of indie LA music duo J*DAVEY.. (this is where you get 10 seconds to Google them if you happened to be the one sleeping)..   Their soon to be released album “New Designer Drug” has several fresh tracks on it.  Recently, the first two videos off of the new album were shot at Lucratif homebase, OPULEN STUDIOS!  Take a moment to watch the video… your ears and eyes will be thankful.  Shout out to The Ports for shooting at Opulen and directing/producing such wonderful stimuli for the senses.  J*DAVEY was also gifted with a couple LUCRATIF accessories (that they thought were “dope af”, win.)….. so this video is officially #LUCRATIF.

“Whatchalookin@ | Kill 4 Fun” produced & directed by The Ports. New Designer Drug, coming soon!!




Edited by: Adam Tillman-Young & Peter Dean

Wardrobe assistance from: http://vintageye.com || http://twitter.com/kylejpak



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