Get Lucratif. Here’s Lucratifity in photos.. People rockin it.. People gettin it.. Be Lucratif. Here is a visual.

Singer Iyaz and C. Lucratif


Shock G reppin the "LA" tee


Bobby Brackins (Mr. 143) x LUCRATIF


Daru Jones performing w/ Talib Kweli


The New Boyz Get Lucratif

C. Lucratif and Daru Jones

Word UP to Brooklyn

Choreographer CJ "2AUCE" Edwards (right) and Rob B. (left) rockn Lucratif

Jay Croz and DJ Greg Street

Lucratif in H.Wood

Lucratif Sticker

Can you spot the Crown? Getn Lucratif at Sportie LA on Melrose

DJ Cache (left) rockin Lucratif, VIP in Las Vegas

Photo by Chaz Washington - Getn Lucratif.

Lucratifity in LA. Main Ingredient Dance crew, reppin.

C. Lucratif, Delise'Ana (Fashion Designer), Dominique (HairStylist) at The Delise' Ana Fashion Show

Daru Jones rockin the Exclusive "King Of Pop" tee during show in NY

Choreographers JP Goldstein & Derrick Caldwell rockn Lucratif Street at Quest Studios

There is No Stopping Lucratif Street.. (on Melrose, LA)


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